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3 Ways Hotels can Leverage the Holidays

January 01, 2020 Southwest Hospitality Management

We’re right in the middle of yet another holiday season, and for hotel management companies like ourselves this time of the year is always an eventful one. And while the busy scramble does come with the territory, that doesn’t mean hotels can’t capitalize during the holidays.

In fact, over the years one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned is how to leverage and manage the feelings that come along with the holiday season for our guest’s benefit and for ours as well. When you break it down, it’s really not all that complicated; we believe in taking a humanistic approach to all the festivities occurring around us and let’s face it, booking rooms is usually not an issue during this season.

In fact, by this time, most of that has already been covered, and what really becomes crucial is making sure our hotels are an extension of the good will and community that every single person desires during the holidays. We don’t have to tell you how important that is these days especially with all the current economic hardships we find ourselves in.

At SWHM we happen to deal with a lot of hotels that happen to be in tight knit communities (Our Flagstaff hotels) and we’ve found a few simple things that can go a long way in terms of making an impression on an individual that might turn them from a bystander into a future customer.

  • Partner locally – Local partnerships allow for cross marketing and cross promotion, It makes everyone look good and it makes customers feels as though everyone in the community is looking out for them.
  • Deals/discounts beyond the basics – Get creative with your discounts… incorporate your local partners and even think about getting behind a cause.
  • Get into the spirit! – Go hyperdrive with your hospitality. There’s something about a hotel that makes people feel like they just walked into Grandma’s kitchen. A good example – Have cookies and hot cocoa on tap!
These are three simple tips that can make a big impression on your guests and their friends/families.

Let’s make this the best holiday season yet!

Your friends at SWHM