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We all hold our own interpretation as to what we feel hospitality is.

February 23, 2020 Southwest Hospitality Management
hotel front desk check in
We all hold our own interpretation as to what we feel hospitality is. Some see it as a traditional means toward conveying a sincere cordiality, while others perceive it as an opportunity to express the distinct, yet genuine characteristics in themselves. So what causes this differentiation; could it possibly be our geographical culture that instills these traits in us?

Most are familiar with the term Southern Hospitality—a phrase used to describe residents of the Southern United States who tend to be conservatively warm and welcoming towards visitors—but what of Northern, Eastern, or Western Hospitality. No clear definition has been used to describe any of the three coordinates. Why is this?

It seems that today, the term Southern Hospitality has become a broad definition for all genuine acts of true hospitality no matter the location. Whether it is opening doors for others in Manhattan, welcoming residents to the neighborhood in Los Angeles, or showing manners and politeness to strangers in Bozeman, the meaningful implications of genuine Southern Hospitality are clearly attributed.

Maybe a thank you is owed to the revolutionizing innovators of Southern Hospitality for establishing this exemplary foundation. The concepts embedded in the term serve as a platform throughout many aspects of modern life; from corporate customer service to hospitality management services, Southern Hospitality denotes an act of sincere generosity.