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What Makes a Hotel Experience Great?

March 01, 2020 Southwest Hospitality Management
man and women eating break in bed

A complete hotel experience is made up of many elements, and these elements can vary greatly between different hotels and brands. But what is it exactly that makes a hotel visit great and memorable? Is it the service? The room size? The bedding? As an experienced hotel management company that has researched this question in depth, we’d like to outline the key elements of a great hotel stay.

One of the first things a guest notices about a hotel is the lobby area and reception staff. The look and feel of the lobby and the greeting from the front desk staff set the tone for the entire visit. In order for a hotel experience to be great, the lobby area, as well as the rest of the hotel, must be warm and inviting; like the living room in the guest’s own home. It should smell clean and fresh from the moment they walk through the front doors. And it’s critical that the reception and concierge staff greet guests warmly and make them feel like the hotel is their home away from home. Of course, the service should always be fast, friendly and efficient to ensure the guest has the best visit possible.

Once a guest has visited the reception desk they usually head to their room. The guest room is by far the most important element in a great hotel stay. Like the hotel lobby, the guest room must smell fresh and clean and have an appealing look and feel. Nothing can ruin a hotel visit faster than a stuffy, worn-out room that has not been updated in a decade. To ensure an outstanding hotel experience, the guest room must be quiet and well-appointed with modern furnishings, luxurious bed linens and amenities like a television, phone, radio and free wireless Internet. Research has also shown that guests strongly prefer a large bathroom.

In addition to the lobby area and guest room, things like complimentary continental breakfast, fast and efficient room service and interesting area attractions all help make a guest’s stay memorable. Research has shown us that the combination of these elements create the best guest experience. We use these key elements in every SWHM hotel property to ensure that every guest has an outstanding and memorable hotel experience.